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    • Jackie - Tessera het Anery, Dilute, Motley or Stripe posted by Kvanaalten at 7:56pm on 26 Jan 2015
      After having this girl reserved for nearly 2 months I could finally pick her up! She's a Tessera...
    • Rose - (Hypo?) Stripe posted by Kvanaalten at 7:25pm on 26 Jan 2015
      When I saw this girl I just couldn't leave her, so I took her home with me :D She's a Stripe or...
    • Hello! ^-^ posted by kingtreelo at 3:03pm on 26 Jan 2015

      I am also new here and re-introduced myself to the corn snake a month or so back. This...
    • Powders - what would you say they are worth? posted by Isoldael at 3:02pm on 26 Jan 2015
      Donnie wrote:Nice, is one staying with you O:)

      Not sure yet... would have to do a ton of...
    • Hello! ^-^ posted by eeji at 2:37pm on 26 Jan 2015
      Welcome to IV :thumbs:
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