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    • hi :D posted by eeji at 8:03pm on 31 Oct 2014
      Hi Jason, welcome to IV :thumbs:
    • hi :D posted by Gmac at 5:46pm on 31 Oct 2014
      Hi and welcome along
    • hi :D posted by Tritan at 4:38pm on 31 Oct 2014
      Hi all!
      My name is Jason clauwaert and i am a corn addict :D
      3 years ago i got my first cornsnake...
    • Hello posted by Owned_by_Inca at 10:40am on 28 Oct 2014
      Lol Isoldael...I know what you mean. My parents had originally said that I could only have...
    • Hello posted by Isoldael at 6:57am on 27 Oct 2014
      Welcome to the forum! I'm somewhat considering getting a caramel at some point myself... but not...
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