2017 Reptile Shows and Breeders Meetings

Use this section to let everyone know about any reptile events/expos/meetings and also if you are attending.
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2017 Reptile Shows and Breeders Meetings

by eeji » 03 Feb 2017, 20:57

Please let us know of any others that need adding to the list

Image UK
International Herpetological Society, Doncaster:
25th June
3rd September
5th November

Image Ireland
Irelands Reptile Expo, Waterford:
16th July

Image Germany
Terraristika, Hamm:
11th March
10th June
09th September
09th December

Image Netherlands
Terraria, Houten:
16th April
25th June
17th September
26th November

Terraria, Zwolle:
19th February
22nd October

ESS Snake Day, Houten:
8th October

Image Belgium
Terraria, Hasselt:
5th February
20th August

Terraria, Gent:
7th May
5th November

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