IMPORTANT! - Innacuracies on IV

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Re: IMPORTANT! - Innacuracies on IV

by Sissyt213 » 07 Jul 2016, 05:37

I think that redfactor needs to be added as does redcoat. I think we also ask know that a coral ghost has at the very least RF included in them as sell. Coral snows need to be updated as well because any pink snow can only be RF snow and not strawberry. As stated in Charles Pritzel's corn morph guide, the only way to tell the difference between a strawberry and a hypo is by looking at the scales si therefore, assuming that strawberry is what makes coral snows pink is no longer accurate. It should be updated to at the very least include redfactor. The question is, should it be added under coral snow or under salmon snow since both names are used in reference to RF snows?
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1.0 lava het snow
1.0 ultramel tess het caramel diff

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Re: IMPORTANT! - Innacuracies on IV

by Isoldael » 10 Jul 2016, 20:44

I say, avoid the whole confusion and add them under red factor snows. In the description of coral snows and salmon snows and coral ghosts, there should be mention of the fact that there is so much confusion...

Still, I understand why redfactor and redcoat aren't added yet. There's so much confusion as to which snakes actually are redcoat / redfactor that it would be incredibly hard to add accurate images to the gallery.
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Re: IMPORTANT! - Innacuracies on IV

by eeji » 11 Jul 2016, 19:39

red factor and red everything else isn't in there yet simply because nobody will give me straight answers as to what they are, are they all different, what their inheritance is, etc etc etc. Once all this has been established and the information is correct they can be added.

All the 'strawberry makes stuff pink' morphs do however need changing and is on the 'to do' list.

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Re: IMPORTANT! - Innacuracies on IV

by SnakesandStripes » 07 Jan 2017, 15:48

The ones from Gutt-Passion are Motley(het Stripe?), not Stripe
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Re: IMPORTANT! - Innacuracies on IV

by Tom Thompson » 07 Jan 2017, 17:12

Why? Ultramel is phenotypically and genotypical Homo Ultra + Homo Amel linked by allele.
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Re: IMPORTANT! - Innacuracies on IV

by Tom Thompson » 07 Jan 2017, 17:18

Sissyt213 wrote:I think ultramel should just be named in a section, along with the other allelic gene. Just write on that it's het ultra and het amel but keep it under the original ultramel title. Imo the only right way to do it. :)

An Ultramel isn't het amel and het Ultra. It is phenotypically and genotypical homo Ultra + Homo Amel linked by an allele.
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Re: IMPORTANT! - Innacuracies on IV

by Tom Thompson » 07 Jan 2017, 17:27

eeji wrote:Describing Ultramel as 'codominant' is plainly wrong and needs to be changed. Should it be listed in the double gene section as 'het amelanistic + het ultra', or listed as a single trait (but still het amelanistic + het ultra), or does anyone have a better suggestion?

Ultra and it’s relationship to amel are a little more complex. Ultra is codominant to amel (linked by allele). Ultra is recessive so you can have an animal that is het ultra. However you can’t have a het ultramel. It would be either het ultra or het amel it can’t be both. The trade name and phenotype for the visual combination is Ultramel. The genotype is Homo Ultra + homo Amel but being a linked gene makes it Ultramel.

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Re: IMPORTANT! - Innacuracies on IV

by Joe Was » 07 Jan 2017, 18:15

scmartin27 wrote:I already KNOW that my pictures for "ultra" are not correct. Ended up breeding the snake in question to find he is an ultramel, not an ultra!
I think amel/ ultra, hypo/strawberry/christmas, and motley/stripe should be labeled as "allelic" - seems to be the most accurate description.
I think Yellow Factor and Red Factor should be added in the Dominant Section - they are out there just not commonly talked about.

Yellow and Red Factor, is an issue. I personally like these being called "Factor" but, here in the US most breeders call it "Coat." So, there is a name issue and the actual genetic workings are still not solid.

It seems that these traits are not fully fleshed-out yet. Something, akin to motley, may be going on where there are more than one part to the effect, top spot by saddle connection, side pattern fusing and various stripe effects. Where these color "Factor" traits may have additional expressions or at the least degrees of influance, as in the Hypo gene.

The Red-factor in my lines was isolated from Bloodred lines. I have simple "Bloodred" with none of the associated traits like Difusion and "Bloodred + Red Coat" lines. The Red-factor, does not seem to pull the head pattern with it, the way the Bloodred does. And, the Red-coat can be passed down independently. Still some questions remain on these Factors. I feel they are traits, just the full width of the representation mechanism is unclear currently.
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