Anybody working on Richard Hume's "Peach"

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Joe Was
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Anybody working on Richard Hume's "Peach"

by Joe Was » 12 May 2017, 22:25

Been seeing a few examples of Richard Hume's "Peach" genes lately. And, was wondering if anybody here has seen it or is working with it?

All the examples, I have seen, are in rather complex genetics. The "Peach" contribution is quite dramatic when compared to the same cross without the "Peach" genes. It cleans-up the melanistic haze and imparts an overall creamy orange with a bit of tan to it, basically the Western understanding of the peach color or a light cantaloupe color. [In contrast to the Eastern/Chinese understanding of the color peach, which is white. Due to, Chinese peaches being white inside and out with some pink blush patches outside.]

Not certain what is the story with this "Peach" gene(s). It may be an associative gene that works on existing loci or something else?
It does seem to present more in complex genetics than it does in simple genetics.

Probably, for the time being, going to be lumped together with RedCoat/Red Factor, Yellow/Gold Coat/Factor and other such influencers. So-far, it looks to have something else, going on that the others may not. Namely, it looks to also, reduce the melanistic staining seen in shed skin. Contributing, to an overall brighting effect, as well, as its additional peach-like color influencers.
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