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by feathers_n_scales » 01 May 2017, 21:18

Does anybody have any male Tessera's they'd be willing to sell?
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Joe Was
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Re: Wisconsin

by Joe Was » 02 May 2017, 19:59

I do a lot of Repticon Shows, in August of 2016 the Repticon near Milwaukee was held. The 2017 date has not been set yet. The shows tend to be around the same time every year. I do the ones around Florida mainly. And, the National Reptile Breeder Association show in Daytona Florida every year.

The last Repticon Milwaukee was at the:
Waukesha County Expo Center
South Building (4H Forum)
1000 Northview Rd.
Wauksha, Wi 53188.

The site is:


It is way less expensive to purchase at shows. You pick your animals in person and you can shop one vendor against another. You can also, call vendors and ask them to bring your request to the show. If you want a hard to get item. This eliminates the shipping costs and it is like going to a candy store, for entertainment. Well worth the trip, all the way around.

As for my stock, I only have two visual Tessara hold-backs from the last breeding season, a high contrast male Normal Tessara+numerous hets (gorgeous specimen) and an Amel Tessera Jungle Corn male (high contrast Amel x Amel Tessera) x (Amel Cal. King x high contrast Amel corn), like a really good high contrast Amel Tessara with more gloss to the scales than is the norm. Both, are true keepers. And eventhough my wife's sister lives there, I will not be doing that show.

Oh, P. S. you are correct wanting a male for breeding. I like to hold-back the good males, as they are more easy to mix into any of your collection's females. Even, a het will get you 50% Tessaras. A homo Tessara gets you 100% Tessaras. For a line of Tessaras though you, would want a pair with the female being a homo. Much easier when you are breeding your own. As more males are for sale right now. Most breeders are holding and test breeding the females right now. Tessara breeders are doing pattern lines right now to establish lines of the various Tessara patterns. In the future we will be seeing established Tessara pattern X's, rather than just Tessaras.
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