Mabuhay Everyone!

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Mabuhay Everyone!

by pitzMike » 16 Feb 2017, 02:09

Im from the Philippines. Im still single (cause most of the girls are afraid of my snakes! :D ).

I have the following Corns:
0.1 Diffused Ultramel
2.0 Ultramel
0.1 Anery Zigzag
0.1 Amel
0.1 Snow
0.1 Tessera

I also have a male Pastel Ball Python.

I breed my own supply of mice and rats.

We have the following as family pets:
3 Dogs
5 Cats
2 Chickens
Various Fishes (in 2 Aquariums)
an African Lovebird and a Philippine Hanging Parrot

I enjoy being in a Facebook group but i enjoy reading in the forums more and IV has been a great resource for me from the start.


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Re: Mabuhay Everyone!

by eeji » 16 Feb 2017, 20:37

Welcome to IV :cheers:

Joe Was
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Re: Mabuhay Everyone!

by Joe Was » 17 Feb 2017, 22:38

It is great to see you here. Hope, to see more of you here.
Remember, a setup for your animal(s) will in most cases cost you more than your animal. Most, animals eat more than many sources say.

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