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New guy.

by OGGUNNERB » 16 May 2017, 16:25

Hello all,

I'm new to Ian's VIvarium, I have only recently got into reptiles (used to be petrified as a child).

I currently have a CB14 Hypo melanistic (unsure of spelling) Male corn named Ragnor, I rescued him from a bad owner and he's very VIV defensive but I'm hoping after regular contact and interaction he will mellow out.

I also have a CB16 Puebulan Milk snake Female, don't have a name yet (recent purchase) but my friends have been calling her hissy elliot :lol!: .

Thank you for letting me come I can't wait to learn more...

P.s. Spelling isn't my strong point so apologies.

Joe Was
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Re: New guy.

by Joe Was » 16 May 2017, 17:44

First-off, welcome to the board!
This is a great resource and the people here are all great. I have not found anyone who has acted like, a troll, been mean spirited or made things uncomfortable, for any other poster. All in all, a very positive experiance and very helpful.

I too, am a bit challanged on spelling and grammar and no-one has busted me for it. So, you are safe too. Though, we all, should try to do our best, though typos and such, do happen and like, every discipline herpetology does have its own vocabulary. We all learn from each other here all the time. And, many of the posters' on this board are quite international, frequently English is not their primary language.

You did spell "melanistic" corectly. Hypo melanism can be quite variable in its representation and a few other traits are grouped in it, as unique forms genetically. In most cornsnakes hypo does brighten the snake up and prevents much of the adult black haze from developing that can muddy the non-hypos. It can also, reduce the intensity of the black outlining the saddles, to some shade of gray or thin the outlines thickness. How is it represented in your hypo melanistic boy?

Also, it is unusual for even a badly treated cornsnake to be truly nasty. Reqular, feeding and gentle holding from the center of the body. And, never being held, by squeezing its neck like, wild venomous snake are sometimes done on TV and such, will do miracles.

You did missspell "Pueblan" though but, no biggy just an extra "u" and we all know what you mean. All milk snakes have very fast digestive cycles and may partially digest. So, they take more cleaning than most other snakes and they like, to eat a day or two earlier than cornsnakes will, in their feeding schedule. They are also, very active at night and tend to track or smear all over their cage, from top to bottom. It, would amaze me how dirty they can make a just cleaned cage in one night.

The standard black, white, black red pattern will develop the melanistic dirty haze, as adults. More than say "Apricot" or "Halloween/Orange" in place of white, Pueblan morphs do. And, as adults the Whites' have more a gray than white banding, as well, as an overall dark masking of the entire snakes colors.

They are easy to breed, though you need to watch them. Like, King Snakes they may eat the other snake rather than mate with it. The trick to mating them, is to introduce them at night and if they do not hook-up in the first fifteen minutes then remove and try the next day. If you leave them overnight together you may wake up to just one snake.

Oh, females take about three years to mature enough, for mating and males do in about two. When I started, I bought females first then males the next year. This way mating, would match up and also, give me another year to get a male.

What morph is your Pueblan?
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Re: New guy.

by eeji » 17 May 2017, 19:45

Welcome to IV :cheers:

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Re: New guy.

by Reptile Lover 23 » 18 May 2017, 11:29

Welcome to the forum OGGUNNERB, this forum has been very helpful to me and i have learnt alot!! thanks to Joe was, Eeji and the others!
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