Strawberry Snow Corn Snake
  • Strawberry Snow Cornsnake
  • Morph: Strawberry Snow
  • Genotype: aaaa anaana
  • Mutation: Selectively Bred
  • Notes:
    • Strawberry snow is a name that was in common use to describe very pink snows before the gene of the same name (Strawberry) had been identified, so it is unknown whether they are or aren't actually homozygous Strawberry or whether it is natural variation and/or selective breeding.
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  • Strawberry Snow Photos
  • Strawberry Snow Hatchling

    Photo © Jason Hamp
  • Strawberry Snow Adult

    Photo © Kelly Pullin
  • Strawberry Snow Eye
  • Strawberry Snow Ventral
  • Strawberry Snow Cornsnake Gallery

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    Age: 14 month
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    Age: 7 Month
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