Halo Corn Snake

Genotype: G+GG
Mutation: Base Morph
  • Incomplete Dominant:
  • Halo
  • Halo is incompletely dominant to wild type, and is the heterozygous form of Green Blotch. Halo looks different to wild type and Green Blotch. Because this gene primarily affects the saddle borders it is most easily seen in Amelanistic and Snow combinations. Halo was first proven as incomplete dominant in 2020 by Sarahs Snake Shop and Steve Roylance, then again independently in 2022 by 50 Shades of Corns and Somerset Corns.

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Halo Hatchling

Photo © scmartin27 (Halo Snow)

Halo Adult

Photo © scmartin27 (Halo Snow)

Halo Eye

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Halo Ventral

Photo © scmartin27 (Halo Snow)

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Age: 2 years
© scmartin27