Punnett Square Calculator Instructions

Ians Vivarium Punnett Square Calculator generates a punnett square from the genotypes entered by the user along with noting the possible gamete combinations for each parent and listing the ratio and percentage possibility for each resulting possible progeny genotype.
Choose to enter genotypes by individual alleles or as a full string, examples of both are shown at the bottom of the page.
For individual allele input:
Only Upper case and lower case letters, numbers and the + symbol are allowed
Enter an identifier for each allele used, max 5 letters
Enter each allele for both parents, max 10 letters
Empty boxes are treated as wild type (+)
For string input:
See examples below for valid formats.
Only Upper case and lower case letters, numbers, ^ and / characters and space are allowed
Each full genotype string is limited to 120 characters in total
Ensure the order of loci is identical for male and female otherwise your interpretation of the results will be incorrect. If there are no mutant alleles at a particular locus for one sex use a wild type for that locus to keep the order correct in both sexes.

Share your punnett square

To share a calculated punnett square on your website just select the provided code under the results, copy to your clipboard and paste it into a post or into your website source code.

Individual allele examples

F Normal x M Amel:

F Normal het amel x M Amel

F Amel x M Snow

F Snow het caramel motley x M Caramel Motley het amel

F Ghost Motley x M Butter het stripe

Full genotype examples

Pairing: Female genotype: Male genotype:
F: Normal
M: Amel
A^+/A^+ a^a/a^a Click to try
++ aa Click to try
A+/A+ aa/aa Click to try
F: Normal het amel
M: Amel
A^+/a^a a^a/a^a Click to try
+a aa Click to try
A+/aa aa/aa Click to try
F: Amel
M: Snow
a^a/a^a An^+/An^+ a^a/a^a an^a/an^a Click to try
aa ++ aa nn Click to try
aa/aa N+/N+ aa/aa nn/nn Click to try
F: Snow het caramel motley
M: Caramel Motley het amel
a^a/a^a an^a/an^a Ca^+/ca^c M^+/m^m A^+/a^a An^+/An^+ ca^c/ca^c m^m/m^m Click to try
aa nn +c +m +a ++ cc mm Click to try
aa/aa nn/nn C+/cc M+/mm A+/aa N+/N+ cc/cc mm/mm Click to try
F: Ghost Motley
M: Butter het stripe
an^a/an^a h^h/h^h m^m/m^m A^+/A^+ Ca^+/Ca^+ An^+/An^+ H^+/H^+ M^+/m^s a^a/a^a ca^c/ca^c Click to try
nn hh mm ++ ++ ++ ++ +s aa cc Click to try
nn/nn hh/hh mm/mm A+/A+ C+/C+ N+/N+ H+/H+ M+/ms aa/aa cc/cc Click to try